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Guild announcements

The grand opening

OK guys this the dragonhearts guild website and i will be setting up what we are doing in the guild on one of the pages so you better read it for our guild events!!!

Hello, welcome  to this new site dedicated to last chaos the game. here i will have links and guides to the game. I edit this site monthly.  I hope you guys know that it is not easy to make sites and some of them don't satisfy eveveryone and i know i can't satisfy everyone, but i geuss i have been gabbing a bit too much.


Hey guys if you ever need help on the game just ask trantion or brisingara on the sarissa server and if you ask trantion to join my guild he will let you, no questions asked!

Last Chaos is a game set in iris. It is an MMORPG (massive multiplayer role playing game) where u get to make a character and u start in a personal dungeon. In the game you make friends online, you lvl up your character, get pets, and fight monsters.The point of the game is to make friends and have fun. This game is fun aand exciting and relieves stress. though while you are playing u must not break the rules or u will be banned. below i will show where u can get this wonderful game. it is free to play and download. by the way u must have patience while playing the game.

lastchaos homepage